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Let’s start your journey to become a Mom at Ease!


This course will take you from being a stressed out mom to become a Mom at Ease. I know that your time is super precious, so I have created the course in a way that will change your every day life and how you feel about yourself as a mom in the fastest possible time. All you need to do is set 15-20 minutes a day to watch the videos and do the tasks I will provide you. You will then start new happy-habits in your every day life that will increase your peace of mind, patience with your family and your own well-being.

This is what you get in the course:

  • Day 1: Understand why your self-care is important for the whole family, and learn to allow yourself to pause and rest (and how to actually do nothing).
  • Day 2: Bring it all into perspective and ditch those negative thoughts and permanent guilt.
  • Day 3: The best stress-relief in the world!
  • Day 4: How to truly forgive - yes, even yourself.
  • Day 5: Stop that perfectionism and like yourself even more.

Bonus: Affirmations to help you stay sane and a deep relaxation hypnosis audio

Much more important: Your children will be getting a much more relaxed, good-humored mother! Your partner will recognize the loving, radiant woman that he fell in love with again. And you finally get the feeling that you are good enough, that you have done something amazing for yourself, and that you can enjoy your family life with joy and ease.

Please note: This course is for you, and the last thing I want to do is add more stress to your life. I created it as a 5-day course to get you results as quickly as possible. BUT: You are the boss of your life – if you miss a day, no problem! You can even set your own pace, as in doing one day of the course each week, making it a 5-weeks course if that fits better in your every day life.

3 reviews for Stress less Mom

  1. Ellen

    I am very glad that I found your course.
    And as soon as I watched the first video, I felt that it had an effect on me and brightened my mood. Your voice in the videos is very pleasant. And you are likeable and wonderfully “real”. I immediately have the feeling that you understand me.

  2. Eva

    With your beautiful voice and your friendly demeanor, it is very easy for me to do the tasks. I love that you’re not “push-y” and still make a commitment. I’ve just listened to the movement video and I’m totally motivated! Thank you for actually doing this in just a few sentences! I can only say: Great course, great coach!

  3. Carola

    Dear Nadine,
    thank you so much for your great work. You are very likeable, positive, motivating, authentic and always very friendly in your communication. Additionally, you have a very nice voice which I enjoyed listening to. The course helped me a lot to see things clearer, accept my weaknesses and see my strengths of my motherhood and it broadened my point-of-view in many things. You also motivated me to get more active again and to enjoy the beauty and calming aspects of nature.
    I can highly recommend your course to any mother ♥️
    It is worth every cent ♥️

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