Stress less Mom
I help moms of young kids to reduce stress and anxiety so they can feel like themselves again and be the loving and patient parent they truly want to be. Happy wife, happy life – as soon as mom can relax, she can finally be the best version of herself and life for everyone in the family will be filled with more ease and joy.

Stress less Mom

Let me take you on a journey to becoming a mom at ease in only 5 days.

Stress less Home

Your journey to run your home at ease and reduce housework up to 50%.

Stress less Relationships

Your journey to be more at ease with others and how to stay lovers when you become parents.
Hi! My name is Nadine
I am a coach for moms.
You love your kids but everyday life feels stressful and chaotic? I hear you! A working mom of three, I used to be totally exhausted, bored, impatient and quite unhappy far too often. Now I am truly happier than ever before - and so can you. Let me take you by the hand and lead you to become a mom at ease. Thanks to my journalism experience, I can research and check facts quickly and have great access to press portals where the latest studies on topics like psychology and medicine are published. My advanced training in hypnosis, animal communication and reiki have strengthened and refined my intuitive way of working. This very often helps me to see the real causes of certain problems. As a student abroad and travel journalist, I am used to connecting to people and quickly built a trusting relationship. And above all, I am a mother myself. Naturally, all my experiences also enrich my coaching work with other moms.

I’m beaming! But you really made it “easy” for me. Your program is great. And you are great. With your program, you were the lifesaver for me when I realized something urgently needed to change Because things couldn’t go on as before.
The modules are clearly structured and clear. Not too long and not just theoretical. But exactly how it really works in everyday life. The tasks can be implemented well, even with the little time that mums somehow always have.


I just wanted to say “THANK YOU”. Thank you for your offer and your great work. There is so much energy and heart in it. I am a single parent with five year old twins. Very challenging, but thanks to your course I now know that I have everything I need in me. And there is already everything in my children and we can manage all the ups and downs together.
I just listened to the first video of the online course again today. You give me motivation, strength, confidence and hope. Thank you!


Thank you so much for your great work. You are very likeable, positive, motivating, authentic and always very friendly in your communication. Additionally, you have a very nice voice which I enjoyed listening to. The course helped me a lot to see things clearer, accept my weaknesses and see my strengths of my motherhood and it broadened my point-of-view in many things. You also motivated me to get more active again and to enjoy the beauty and calming aspects of nature. I can highly recommend your course to any mother ♥️
It is worth every cent ♥️


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