Hi! I am Nadine
I am a coach for moms.
About my journey from a stressed out mom to a Mom at Ease: I used to have quite a perfect life – a wonderful husband, my dream job as a journalist and I even my owned a horse. To top things up, we had three children – one every two years.
I loved them so much. But my great love came with so much exhaustion, tiredness and unhappiness. For years I simply existed instead of living. Everyday life with all it's chaos and overwhelm paired with boredom and longing for my old life really dragged me down. I was in constant pain and often shouting or crying, which left me with so much guilt. When I hit rock bottom, I knew I needed a significant change. I reduced my work to a bare minimum and concentrated fully on becoming better, getting my power and energy back and feeling like myself again. As a trained health journalist, I researched what could help my body, mind and soul. I used all my knowledge and personal experience first to help myself and then to create this very unique course. Today I'm doing really well! I am truly happy deep down and I can absolutely enjoy my family life. Interesting: The external circumstances have hardly changed - it had to come from within me.
I can take you by the hand and lead you on your journey to become a Mom at Ease – even in a very short time. Because if I can do it, you can do it too. I'll help you take the pressure off yourself. I will be the person by your side who encourages you, strengthens you and makes you see how absolutely enough you are. To make you the most relaxed mom in the world! So when are you going to take the first step? Because you will never get back the first years with your children. It's too precious a time to not be able to fully enjoy it.

About my life so far I live in Northern Germany with my husband Björn and our three kids Emmy, Jasper and Eva. Our beagle Beau, our cat Tundra and Eva’s four mice are also part of the family. We love our life in the countryside where we enjoy our garden and the beautiful nature around us. In my 20s I lived in beautiful South Africa and studied at the University of Stellenbosch for three years. Such happy times and I love to visit Africa as often as I can.
I am a trained journalist and was working for one of Europe’s biggest publishing-houses, travel and health are my main topics. When I became a mother, I started free-lancing for magazines. In 2019 I created the German version of Stress-less Mom and have helped many women so far with online-courses, life-events and workshops. I love the connection and being able to make a difference in some one’s life that may now be exactly like mine was only a couple of years ago.

Some fun facts about me I am also a published author – I write criminal short stories even though I never read criminal literature myself – too scary!
I used to be fluent in five languages: German, English, French, Afrikaans and Mandarin. I lost a lot of my French and nearly all of my Mandarin skills – I blame the pregnancies for that 😉
My husband and I went diving with great white sharks on our honeymoon in South Africa. I only signed up because I felt like spending a day on the ocean (and sandwiches were promised), but I enden up absolutely amazed by these beautiful animals.
I once got pranked at one of Germany’s most popular tv-shows. Even though I was wearing a hat and big sunglasses, lots of my friends spotted me.

What Moms Say
I am very glad that I found your course. And as soon as I watched the first video, I felt that it had an effect on me and brightened my mood. Your voice in the videos is very pleasant. And you are like-able and wonderfully "real". I immediately have the feeling that you understand me.

Dear Nadine, my husband said something funny to me today. He said: “You look good. Something you’re doing right now must be really good for you.” I couldn’t stop smiling.


With your beautiful voice and your friendly demeanor, it is very easy for me to do the tasks. I love that you’re not “push-y” and still make a commitment. I’ve just listened to the movement video and I’m totally motivated! Thank you for actually doing this in just a few sentences! I can only say: Great course, great coach!


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