My best tipps to a stress less Christmas

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So tell me…

are you singing along to all the Christmas music in the radio, or do you swear and sweat over tangled fairy lights? Many of us are even more stressed out in December than the rest of the year. The reason: Our often (too) high demands and expectations of the perfect Christmastime with our family.
We often put the greatest pressure on ourselves and that cause much more stress than necessary. But: There are other ways. Even if you might have to think out of the box for some.

I have a few ideas for you on how you might take some pressure off and actually enjoy this Christmas season:

Small children pick up very well that the Advent season is different. It’s darker outside, yet it sparkles more, there are more sweets and different songs than usual. The kids might play less outside (that is if you are in countries where it’s winter now, like freezing -7°C here in Germany today), The house is decorated and looks different – what’s going on there? It’s no wonder that small children become even more attached to us. Just at the time when you would like to have both hands free for cleaning, baking, decorating. Be aware that your child needs you a little to a lot more now, and plan everything even more slowly.

5 tips to make Christmas stress less

  • The idea of a good time for children and adults are very different – and especially at Christmas. Some want to enjoy a great feast, others just want to play. Most mothers wish for a beautiful meal together with everyone at the big table. Small children probably find sitting still with roast goose and potatoes really boring. Maybe you can try something different this year. Perhaps the children can have their favorite meal in the late afternoon and play later, while the adults enjoy their feast with both hands free.
    Keep in mind: In a few years it can all look very different and might be actually enjoyable for every one to have a festive meal together with good manners.
  • Now is the time to cheat and take the easiest way! Get done-for-you-food instead of making all from scratch, and even biscuits from the store are allowed. You might even order a full Christmas meal.
  • Accept any help you can get. Many moms respond to the question “Can I help you?”, almost out of reflex, with “No, no, that’s fine”. Practice saying, “Yes, that would be so nice. It would help a lot if you could …”
  • Think about who you want to create a wonderful Christmastime for. Mainly for your kids, right? Ask then them what they would like … Perfect decoration, a sparkling clean house and a top-notch menu are certainly not as important to them as plenty of time to play, read, sing together and just be cozy.
  • Important: The Christmas season is very special. But it can also be particularly demanding, so look after yourself. Remember to take regular breaks. Plan them in, if necessary put a reminder in your phone.

I hope you have a relaxed and happy Advent!
Nadine x


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